Foreign Credential Evaluation

In preparing its reports, Evaluation Service, Inc. draws on its library resources, archives of sample evaluations, annotated syllabi and catalogs, as well as contacts with professionals in the United States and abroad. Direct contact with foreign educational institutions and governments provides the most current information.

Our evaluation reports provide clear and concise statements of educational equivalency for each of your academic credentials, starting with secondary school and continuing through every type of post-secondary education. The equivalency statements contained in each report derive from commonly accepted standards in the international and comparative education communities. Our evaluation policies are developed in consultation with other experts in the field, and our clients are made aware that the reports are based on the most current information available. We make every effort to obtain pertinent data for accurate and equitable assessments.

PLEASE NOTE: Evaluation Service, Inc. provides the general Document-by-Document Report. We only offer the Course and Credits Reports for Teacher Certification in the States of Illinois and New York ONLY.

Two Kinds of Reports: Which is Best for You?


This report identifies and describes each academic document and provides an equivalent for each document [see the following sample evaluation reports: (1) sample report #1 (Bachelor of Commerce from Canada) and (2) sample report #2 (Titulo de Ingeniero from Mexico), both in PDF format]. Suggested for:

  • Employment
  • Immigration
  • Further education where a breakdown of courses, credits and grades is not required
  • Military

2. Course and Credit - for purposes of Teacher Certification in the States of Illinois and New York ONLY!

This report contains the same information as the document-by-document report and also lists all post-secondary course credits and grades in terms of U.S. equivalents. See the following sample evaluation report (in PDF format): Sample Report (Jamaican Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Teacher Education). Suggested for:

  • Professional Certification/Licensing (States of Illinois and New York ONLY)

Revised report - If you had a Document by Document report completed by Evaluation Service, Inc. in the past, and you now need a Course and Credit report, please us by email or phone (with your reference number) and we can provide you further information regarding a new evaluation report.

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